Sampling for HERS Ratings – Protocols and Procedures

Sampling for HERS Ratings

Protocols and Procedures

Course Details and Registration

Sampling Webinar
This presentation covers the protocols used to certify HERS Index and qualify homes and units for programs using Sampling. Any HERS Rater within the Accurate Rater Network who is interested in performing sampling of ratings is required to attend this presentation prior to performing sampling within the Accurate Rater Network.
Module 1 Sampling Webinar and Quiz
This presentation covers the Accurate Rater Network Sampling Protocols and Procedures. Course materials are provided as well as a Sampling Contract Template. There is a quiz following the webinar to cement your understanding of sampling for Home Energy Ratings.
Unit 1 Course Introduction: Sampling Protocols
Unit 2 Sampling Session Materials
Unit 3 Sampling Webinar
Unit 4 Sampling Webinar Quiz
Module 2 Additional Insurance Requirement for Sampling Raters
You may upload your Insurance Certificate here to complete your Certification as a Sampling HERS Rater.
Unit 1 Insurance Upload PL
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