Membership Tailored to Meet Your Needs

The Accurate Rater Network is a member organization of Building Science professionals.  Memberships vary based on your interests, your profession, and your reasons for visiting ARN!  Our focus is on providing support, training, certification, quality assurance, and oversight for green and energy professionals across the country.  So, if you are:

  • Looking for a USGBC LEED for Homes Provider, a RESNET Training Provider, Contractor Education and Qualification, CEQ Provider, or Rating Quality Assurance Provider, you found us.
  • An energy professional wanting to interface with other professionals in a dynamic and supportive network, you are welcome here.
  • Looking to find an energy professional or an EnergySmart contractor for your project, you have come to the right place!

We are here to promote green and energy efficiency best practices in home improvement and residential building teams.

Benefits You Will Love!

  • Building Science expertise on call for you!
  • Residential and Commercial building knowledge and experience.
  • Just in Time support and trouble-shooting. We will answer your call.
  • Any time, anywhere extensive Knowledgebase with the answers you are looking for.
  • Online training and quick videos for the skills you need.
  • Free and discounted content and classes.
  • Members-Only library of forms.
  • A Quality Assurance Partnership that allows you confidence in your work.




Give Me
Free Access

Thank you for visiting our site!  You are welcome to:

  • Browse
  • Read full articles
  • Read forums
  • Purchase on-demand training classes
  • Submit your project request to our network of trained and certified energy professionals

Simply provide us with your name and email address for free registration to restricted content.

Join the

You're not in the field, but you are fascinated with Building Science and you want to ask questions, get advice, dig in and learn more.  For a small fee, you can join our network and reap these benefits:

  • Full participation in Forums
  • Access to our Knowledgebase
  • Telephone and Email advice
  • Discounted training classes (5%)

The cost is $50.00 per year, the consulting is priceless.


Your certification does not require our full quality assurance and oversight services. However, you would like to join our network and take advantage of the rest of the benefits.  We welcome you!  In addition to the Network Only benefits, you get:

  • Qualified Leads from customers looking for your services
  • Listing on our Professionals page
  • Certification Tracking with customized notifications
  • Access to Members Only library of forms
  • Discounted Training Classes (10%)

The cost for this membership level is $120.00 per year.


You are an EnergySmart Contractor (or want to become one.)  As part of your certification you must choose a CEQ Provider. We are focused on actively promoting our EnergySmart Teams!   In addition to the Energy Professional benefits, you will enjoy:

  • Access to EnergySmart Team Forum
  • Customized Training Path focused on your trade
  • Assistance locating qualified members for your EnergySmart Team

The cost for this membership level is $150.00 per year.

HERS / Green
Rater Member

You are a HERS Rater or Green Rater (or are completing your certification to become one.)  As part of your certification you must choose a QA Provider. We have decades of experience, including boots-on-the-ground field work, in these fields.   In addition to the Energy Professional benefits:

  • The fastest QA turn-around available
  • Fully automated tracking system so you know exactly where in the process your project is sitting
  • Full support for Independent Raters
  • Immediate support by phone - we do answer your call!
  • Access to advanced training specific to your certification

The cost for this membership level is $425.00 per year.

REM/Rate Sub-License is provided for $75.00 per year.

No matter which level of membership you choose, we will not share your information with anyone or contact you without your permission.