OK, so the problems experienced with the simulation tool caused delays that went on too long for comfort according to the RESNET Board of Directors.  Our tools and browsers are just not quite ready for the technology the browsers themselves had forced.  Interplay Energy really is to be commended for the work they did and the lengths they went to in developing a really good training tool.  In any case, existing Raters will no longer be required to study the RESNET Rater Practical Simulation tool items or pass the exams.  However, those who already have, or those who are willing to go for it, will earn 18 CEUs for their efforts!  I may be a bit biased, since I helped with the development and testing of the simulation tool, but I believe it is a good tool and experienced Raters will even learn a thing or two by using it.  I had a Rater tell me that using the simulation provided his first experience with housing types that he had not yet run into in the real world.  He was glad to have learned what he did about those construction types and feels more prepared due to the study and work he got with the simulation.  I would encourage existing Raters to think twice about punting on this.  This is the cheapest 18 CEUs you will find in a long time and you just may find the refresher very helpful!